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Ferdi Lancee is founding artist (guitarist and singer) of pop-jazz band Gare du Nord together with Barend Fransen. The album Sex 'n Jazz became the best-selling Dutch jazz album ever. Juan and Ferdi know each other from a collaboration with 80ies pop group The Backlot (Laura Fygi and Rowan Moore) With FREDERIKE MUSIC Ferdi features in: ‘Love was so nice’ (guitar)


Fabio Valdemarin is an Italian pianist, multi-instrumentalist, arranger and composer. Among many projects Fabio performs in the Stef Burns Group and with Fiorella Mannoia. Juan met Fabio while touring with the Stef Burns Group in Italy. Back in the Netherlands Juan asked Fabio to participate in few recording projects. With FREDERIKE MUSIC Fabio features in: ‘Gathering My New Life’ (keys and bass-guitar)


Damian (Dami) Corlazzoli is a Belgian guitarist and composer. As a guitarist he played with Spring, Made in Belgium, Postman, Giovanca, Brave men Run, Cleymans and Van Geel, Mannen Op De Baan and Belle Perez. Dami is guitarist of the FREDERIKE MUSIC extended band.  Dami features in: ‘Welcome To My World' and 'Hold On'.

Jos Kamps is a session bass player with great taste for melodic bass-lines. He toured and performed around the world with many popular artists like Blaudzun, Rowwen Hèze, Eric Steckel (USA) and many more. Jos is member of the FREDERIKE MUSIC extended band. His recording features in FREDERIKE MUSIC have not yet been released, Coming soon.


Arnold van Dongen, Dutch guitarist, well known by his great musical intepretation of songs and broad skills on guitar, on both akousitic and electric guitar. Bands; Ilse de Lange, Lois Lane, Trijntje Oosterhuis and Marco Borsato. His guest feature in FREDERIKE MUSIC is not yet released, Coming soon.


Rolf Delfos is the master artist on saxophone, soloist, composer, arranger and band leader. Bands; The Houdini's, The Auratones, Artvark Saxophone Quartet, The JazzInvaders, Cubop City Big Band, het Lewinsy Quartet and Licks & Brains. Rolf composed many great jazz instrumental pieces for his own bands and the bands he directs. His guest feature in FREDERIKE MUSIC is not yet released, Coming soon.


Natalie Hanssen is a freelance cartoonist and writer.  She has a very divers range of subjects and ways of expression, varying from free work for papers and magazines to helping others express themselves. Her friendship with Frederike started with a passion for singing. As a beginning songwriter, she wrote the lyrics to three songs on the upcoming album. More are to follow. The challenge? To try catch Frederike’s feelings in words, with her music as a guidance. 

FREDERIKE MUSIC is very proud and happy with so many performances of these great musicians and songwriter which helped to create the magic in the songs.

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